Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fresh armpits, healthy brains

Hi everyone,
First of all , sincerest apologies for the long gap since my previous post ! It so happened that my home laptop crashed, or rather, my cat broke the screen by sleeping on it! (Cats and laptops, its a long love story...).

Don't worry though, I haven't stopped jugaading, quite the contrary. I've also been testing it for you!

In my recent interest in homemade cosmetics I've read quite a lot about the disastrous effects of some of our deodorants' ingredients. Check it out, its pretty scary ! Among these risks, to name only one, the presence of aluminum in most deodorants and antiperspirants is alarming. Studies suggest frequent exposure to aluminium is a causal factor for Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases.

If, like me, you don't want to take chances, here's a quick and easy recipe to keep your armpits happy and brain healthy !

Grab some coconut oil, corn starch and your favorite essential oil ! I had some Nycil lying around at home, so I used that. It serves the purpose of an absorbent and has 51% starch...

Take your empty deodorant recipient (I had a roll-on, its super easy to reuse, otherwise any container will do), fill it halfway up with starch, fill the rest with coconut oil, then add as much essential oil as you find necessary, basically until it overpowers the coconut smell - trust me, you don't want to smell like coconut oil in office... Unless you're in a hippy groove, in which case rock on!

As you can see it leaves a faint white trace, so you might want to apply it a couple minutes before wearing a black shirt.

I know it takes some guts to let go of commercial deodorant; it just doesn't feel "safe" (how ironic) but to me its totally worth it. In fact, I've been testing it in the Bangalore heat, just before the mango showers, and yes, it passed the test :)

Hope you enjoyed it! Do let me know how you fare! 

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  1. This is great! Is cornstarch the same as corn flour? Also, would arrowroot powder serve the same purpose?