Monday, March 30, 2015

Desi vintage soap dispensers from old glass jars

With just a little bit of jugaad you can upcycle your glass jars to give a vintage chic touch to your bathroom. 

Make these...
with this!
Here's how: first make a hole in the jar lid(the pump of your plastic soap dispenser will fit in there). To do this, make a mark with a nail in the center before drilling. This also prevents the drill from slipping. 

Don't worry if you don't have a drill - either try asking the neighbors or keep poking holes with that nail to make a circle on the cap, then pull out the center piece with a wire cutter. Don't cut yourself !

First drill with a small bit, then choose your drill bit according to the size of the pump you'll need to fit in. I had to modify it by pushing on the edges of the hole a little bit to extend it further. So it doesn't really matter if you don't have the exact drill bit size. The hole is hidden in the final product.

Note that the pipe is too short for the jar here, so I used this pump on another jar. If the pipe is too long just cut off the end !
Once it fits, you can glue the pump to the cap to secure it if you want, then spray paint them together so it looks like they were meant to be from the start :P The best means to achieve this, without risking any paint on the pipe, is to cover the jar with a plastic bag or sheet then screw it right back on so that only the parts the need to be sprayed are visible:

Do this outside if possible, you don't want to breathe all that junk in the fumes...
There, now you have soap dispensers ready to use :)

I wanted to decorate them further so I used decoupage technique to add some nice Indian designs I found on paper napkins. Just cut out the designs you like (the smaller the easier) then with a mix of glue and water - I used fevicol - and a paint brush, apply it gently on the glass surface.

 Be careful with this part, once it's soaked in the glue/water mix, the napkin will rip easily !! Let it dry, then fill them up, and use :) 
Here's a before and after sneak peak at my bathroom sink...

I know, I know, those tiles and sink color hurt my eyes too... *Sigh* it's a rented house, kya karoon...

So?? What say?


  1. A cool way to use stuffs. Just awesome idea!

  2. Very nicely done :-)
    Gonna try this out soon at home and shoot you some pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Karan Singh
    Bigfoot Guitars