Friday, February 13, 2015

Put a lid on your lid problems ;)

Do you face the lid problem? Do you wish you could 'put a lid' on your lid problems?
My lids used to be such a headache ! Those things don't pile up properly (thanks knobs!!), so they end up taking a way much space in the shelves.
Even when I "kind of" piled them on top of each other they'd eventually slip and eat up more and more shelf surface. They were kind of annoying that way!!

So one day I took part of an old, broken stand , priorly used for drying clothes, and placed it under my sink, that's it, that did the trick ! Check it out below.
Just make sure its fixed somehow so it doesn't slip (in my case it's fixed at the top, in the crack between the sink and the cupboard partition).
Here's the thing: I didn't get rid of that broken stand before, it was lying under a bed all along... I guess its only "waste" until I find a better use for it.
As it turns out, old drying stands, even broken, have huge potential :)

Aaah so much better !! And easy to take out/place back in too!
If you don't have one you could do this with small curtain rods for example...

N.B. I cant vouch for letting junk pile up at anyone's home, but many things can be put to great use for various purposes than the one originally intended. Heck, that's what this blog is all about !! I generally try to see if I can give my old, broken/used stuff a second life, making my own easier (& cheaper!) in the process.

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