Friday, February 13, 2015

Beer bottle cum flower vase

If after all these glass reuse ideas you still have bottles remaining like me (yeah, we party a lot) why not make a flower vases out of them ?
I was glad I did when my husband came home with flowers that very night :) #spoiledwifey
And coincidentally they were matching with the thread I'd used ! Here's the finished product, looking pretty cool don't you think?

First cut the bottle to a size of your choice, but you have to chop off at least the top narrow part if you want to use it for flowers.
To cut glass all you need is some thread (cotton works fine), some nail polish remover and a matchbox !!
Soak the thread in the nail polish remover then tie it tightly around your bottle and light it. Keep turning the bottle in your hand so the flame spreads evenly around the bottle, and as soon as you see the flame reduce, immediately plunge the bottle in a bucket of cold water, you can even give a gentle tap on the side of the bucket to help it crack. The glass simply reacts to the temperature change by breaking right where you had tied the thread (and heated it with the flame), so it's a piece of cake!
There are numerous glass cutting tutorials available on youtube so you can check out videos there for further detail.

Then just go get coloured thread, buttons, or beads, or anything you want really, from your nearest fancy shop and fevikwik them right on the bottle !! I eventually opted for the minimalist thread-only customization on these but used the beads on others I gifted away, without taking any snaps :/. Again, as per your taste, you could also spray paint them any colour you like.

It can double as a candle holder...
... making your wine-on-the-terrace evenings just a little cozier.. romantic perhaps?

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