Friday, February 13, 2015

Wine bottles upcycled :)

If you live in India you probably face the water bottle problem: everybody uses plastic water bottles that we fill from the water filter, keep in the fridge, and keep refilling until... they start to STINK !!!

You know that old plastic smell that inevitably comes over time, and ruins the taste of the water?
Well I hate it, and I hate the thought of buying new plastic bottles every now and then until the end of time. Sounds like a waste of money to me ! No to mention all that plastic would eventually pile up God knows where, killing our planet...

So why not reuse old wine bottles instead? I kept ours, which I cleaned with some vinegar, removed the tags and there, I now have ever lasting water bottles :)

They look much better on the dinner table too, and I've been using them for months now, without the slightest problem of odor. 

Call it psychological and it probably is, but I never knew water tasted this good!!. Aaahhh

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