Friday, February 13, 2015

Never throw your glass jars & bottles !

They are so useful !! In fact they're much more useful in their second life than as mere packaging for olives or jam. Personally I reuse them for my spices and pulses, keeps the bugs away ! Works for namkeen and biscuits as well, keeping them fresh & crispy for a long time :)

I also reused liquor bottles for my oil, almost every different liquor has it's own different bottle shape, so after thorough cleaning with vinegar, they make my oils look much better in the kitchen, and I can tell my olive oil apart from the cooking oil in the blink of an eye ;)
Also, trying to do my bit for the planet by just buying refills when I can, instead of buying oil in a plastic bottle each time.

I'm taking this occasion to urge you to visit this amazing website I keep checking it out for infinite ways to reduce waste. So inspiring!! she makes it all look so simple, I'm trying to get there step by step.


  1. I also re-use most glass bottles and jars. I like to paint the jar tops with spray paint of different colours. You could also try decoupage on the bottles and jar tops.

    1. Great ideas here Indranil thanks ! I'll keep you posted when I try some of that (decoupage is on it's way !!)

    2. Hey Indranil, as promised here's some desi decoupage for you !!

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  3. Hi Amelie,
    It is great to read posts on your blog. Could you please advise from where you buy un-packaged oil etc? This is a major challenge for us. Normally everything comes in packages and in Vadodara (where I live), I have not found any bulk or package free shop with quality products. So it will be good to know how you manage as that might help us.