Monday, March 2, 2015

Billi ka jhula

From an old bathroom rug to this:

Cats are incredibly imaginative when it comes to finding a comfortable spot. Here's what mine does when we're trying to dry clean bed sheets or covers on the stand... A hammock, of course !!

So I took our old bathroom rug which is no longer in use since we got this new one (couldn't resist - it totally reflects our family values :P)... 

... I reinforced the longer borders with some cotton rope I got at the hardware store, so he doesn't fall out while sleeping, and tied it right on the cat tree.
Needless to say it doesn't necessarily have to be fixed to a cat tree: any chair, table, shelf, whatever can take the weight of your animal would work just fine !

At first he was like "What on Earth has she done now??!"

But then, "Billu baadshah", as my husband likes to call him, started twisting and turning himself around in it a couple times to try it out :) 

Eventually it was more like "Hummm, yeah, ok, this is good..."

 Hopefully his majesty will no longer use our *clean* bed sheets !!!

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