Monday, March 9, 2015

Heineken terrace lamp

I want to show you another simple way of reusing glass bottles: just turn them into a lamp ! This is a lampshade to be precise, but your imagination can take it anywhere from there...

I initially had a single wall lamp outside but that didn't bring enough light, especially when I needed to water the plants after nightfall or light the BBQ. I used to take a light that I'd plug inside the house and pull out when needed.

When my father-in-law saw me do that he just fixed a cable right out of the wall lamp with a provision for a light bulb at the other end, such that both lights would turn on at the same time :) Clearly makes my life a lot easier ! (I don't know the magic behind that yet but I'll have to get some electrical tutoring from him!) See below:

From there all I had to do was unscrew the bulb holder, as you see here, to free the cables, then slide everything off much like the beads from a necklace.

I took a beer bottle left over from a party, cleaned it and cut it at the bottom (see Beer bottle cum flower vase blog post for glass cutting explanation), threaded the hanging wire through the neck of the bottle and fixed everything back just like it was before. Add the light bulb, turn it on and Eureka !!

It doesn't show much on the pics but gives a nice green, groovy light to our terrace in the evening, we love it!! 

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