Sunday, March 1, 2015

Homemade body lotion !!!

My skin is super dry so I've decided to make my own lotion at home. 
It's pretty easy and turned out amazing ! Smooth and rich, not to mention how pleasant it feels to know exactly what went in it (#nochemicals), I don't think I'll be buying commercial ones any time soon.
Happy to share the recipe with you here, enjoy :)

You're going to need a blender and all the ingredients in the pic below, that is, from left to right, lavender essential oil (optional, just for the fragrance), oil (any would do, I used both almond and jojoba oils), aloe vera gel (optional) and beeswax. 
You get all these at your local store, chemist shop, or ayurvedic shop, for the beeswax you can scrape it off a beeswax candle if you have, I ordered mine on amazon.

First melt together your oil and beeswax. I did it in the microwave my in-laws just gifted us :D but you can melt it on the stove... A minute and 30 seconds in the microwave is sufficient for all solid parts (beeswax) to melt and mix together with the rest. 
10g beeswax for 40g oil

Meanwhile, mix 40g of aloe vera gel (if you have) with 40ml of water (otherwise use 80ml water) and a few drops of essential oil. I used filtered, drinking water. Heat that up as well because you want it roughly at the same temperature as the oil/beeswax mix before blending.

Blend !! Let it blend for a minute or two until you get the smooth creamy texture you want, otherwise you'll see some solid parts...

Check out the result !! Yummm I could almost eat this it looks like greek yogurt :P 

When my maid came in and saw me do this, I told her what it was, made her try it and she said "Mereko bhi dedena madam !!" So I gifted her a sample of my first homemade body lotion, looks like she couldn't be happier :D

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